All is not lost. We can bring your damaged photos back to life!

Our digital photo restoration expert specializes in restoring photographs, but is not limited only to those. Here at Picture This and More, we have the capability to restore even the most damaged photographs, documents, certificates, and negatives. 

Don't let your memories fade. We can make them last forever.

‚ÄčCustom Framing

Our Services

Ready Made Frames

As custom framing specialists, we strive to give our customers a good value. One way we can do this is with our wide selection of ready made frames. You will find a selection of standard open back frames in a variety of styles and colors, rectangles and ovals. Our ready made frames include regular glass and backing board. Upgrades to our UV protective glass or acrylic are available if desired. If your image requires matting, we can cut that as well.

Our ready made frames are "almost custom." 

Picture This And More in Alton

Digital Media


Do you have family memories captured in photo prints now falling apart with age? Do you have boxes of negatives or slides and no way to enjoy them?  Do you have home movies captured on an obsolete VCR or other tapes? Let us transfer those cherished prints, negatives, and tapes to CD/DVD. Our process is very affordable and time saving. Don't wait, lets get started now!

Digital Photo restoration

Our goal here at Picture This & More is to preserve, protect and compliment your artwork or treasured memories. We provide hundreds of options to create custom pieces as unique as you are. We create your custom frame on location and  we specialized in:


  • Shadow Boxes
  • Needlework framing
  • Custom Matting
  • Heritage Framing
  • Certificate Framing
  • Photograph framing
  • Poster Framing
  • Canvas Framing